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Waggy Zone

Pack of 6 :Waggy Zone Natural Ice Cream InstaMix, Treat for Dogs and Cats, Adult, Puppies and Small Breeds, Pets Ice Cream for All Age, Vegan 30 gm.

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  • Make a Frozen Treat For Your Dog - Do you only want the healthiest and yummiest treats for your Furriend? Waggy Zone Dairy Free and Sugar Free Ice Cream Mix Powder for dogs, made from 100% natural ingredients are just the right choice.
  • Benefits of Fruits for Dogs - Fruits has vitamin A and vitamin C which improves your pet’s skin & coat. It has a high level of antioxidants which helps to boost your pet’s immune systems. Fruits contain protein which helps to repair muscle and are also rich in potassium.
  • Safe Recipe for Dogs - Dogs and cats are lactose intolerant. Dairy and sugar can cause gastro-intestinal issues in your dog, cause weight gain and impact the long term health of your pets. Waggy Zone ice cream for dogs has no added preservatives, is lactose free and sugar free and made with natural fruit powder and coconut milk powder. This dog ice cream is suitable for all breeds and ages. Our ice cream has as many calories as a any half Fruits!
  • Steps to make - 3 Super easy steps! 1.Add water to the brim of the tub 2. Freeze it for 4 to 5 hours 3. Serve delicious and healthy Fruits ice cream to your pet!
  • Celebrate With Your Pet - The Waggy Zone ice cream is more than just a treat for dogs, it's a moment of celebration for you and your pets. Share your happy moments with your pets, guilt free - be it their birthday or yours!

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