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Waggy Zone

Nutritious Toppings - Chicken Heart Chips

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Waggy Snackies is a great topping for our doggy ice cream to add nutrition. You can even use these as add-ons to regular meals. 

Serving: Add 3-4 snackies on the frozen doggy ice cream tub or over every day meals.

Chicken Heart is a source of lean protein that contains fatty vitamin A along with iron and vitamin B which is good for your dogs heart.It's a natural delicious and crunchy treat and also a great source of energy for dogs

Chicken Heart Dehydrated:


  • Heart is a great source of CoQ10, a protective super-antioxidant that promotes cardiovascular health 
  • Taurine, an essential amino acid that also aids cardiac function. 
  • Feeding heart is good for your pet’s heart!

      Give the goodness of chicken to your dogs with Waggy Snackies!

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