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Nutritious Toppings - Chicken Jerky Chips

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Waggy Snackies is a great topping for our doggy ice cream to add nutriton. You can even use these as add-ons to regular meals. 

Serving: Add 3-4 snackies on the frozen doggy ice cream tub or over every day meals.

Chicken Jerky Chips are a healthy source of vitamins & minerals for dogs.

It's lean protein that contains fatty vitamin A along with iron and vitamin B which is good for your dogs heart Chicken jerky is a high quality protein that crunchy delicious and nutritious.Its great source of energy for dogs

Chicken 3 Mix Chips (Liver, Heart and Gizzard):


  • Vitamin A – This antioxidant supports vision and the healthy functioning of the heart, kidneys and reproductive organs.
  • B Vitamins – Nutrients like riboflavin (B2) and folate (B9) play an essential role in the growth and function of the body’s cells. They can also help to prevent fatigue and anemia.
  • Iron – This mineral transports oxygen to the blood cells, regulates body temperature and supports brain function. Increasing iron intake can improve a dog’s strength and endurance.
  • Copper and Zinc – These essential minerals that help to support healthy bones and joints.
  • Liver cleanses the blood of toxins and supports healthy vision.
  • Heart is a great source of CoQ10, a protective super-antioxidant that promotes cardiovascular health 
  • Taurine, an essential amino acid that also aids cardiac function. 
  • Feeding heart is good for your pet’s heart! 
  • High-Quality Protein.
  • Great Treat for dogs 
    Give the goodness of chicken to your dogs with Waggy Snackies!

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