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24 Carat Gold (Advanced Golden paste)

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24 CARAT – Our golden paste is a powerful, natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory which has an endless list of health benefits for your dog.
Available in 25g pack size.
HELPS IN:                      
§  For dogs with Arthritis and HD, it’s an essential!
§  Inflamed Bowels (IBD / IBS)
§  Low immunity (Regular minor infections, tummy bugs, eye infections, ear infections, and so on)
§  Recovering from surgery
§  Puppies recovering from upset tummies/vaccinations
§  Young adults hitting puberty
§  Any dog that needs anti-inflammation
§  As a tonic for all dogs
Organic Turmeric, Virgin Coconut Oil, Ground Black Peppercorns, Anti-oxidative Spices and love!
Chemical Free. Preservative Free. Gluten-Free. 100% Organic.
***If your dog is allergic to any herbs or plants, get in touch with us first.
Store in a cool, dry place.
§  Start with a pea-sized drop at first. Slowly increase to the recommended dosage over a week.
§  Add to your dog’s meal or feed directly.
§  DO NOT cook.
DOSAGE (twice a day):
Small dogs (<10 kgs) – 1/4 tsp ; (>10 kgs) – 1/2 tsp
Medium dogs (>15 kgs) – 3/4 tsp
Large dogs (>30 kgs) – 1 tsp
X-large dogs (>50 kgs) – 1.5 tsp

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