Summercare Tips For Helping Strays

Summercare Tips For Helping Strays

How to keep strays cool in summer?

1. Keep Them Hydrated:

  • Place multiple water bowls around your building premises.
  • Make a mixture of 1 part plain yogurt mixed with 3 parts water to provide them with essential nutrients & cooling

2. DIY Cooling Pads

  • Dip a gunny bag, dip in water & place it as the cooling mat for the dogs outside. It will stay cool for a longer time. You can wet it twice a day during the hottest hours between 11 - 4 pm.

3. Take Action As a Responsible Citizen

  • If you notice any abnormal head movements, extreme panting or salivating it may indicate a heat stroke.
  • Give water immediately, wipe with wet towel in a shaded area or if nothing works, visit a vet immediately.







This is a small way or a list of summer tips for dogs which you can use to help strays in summer.

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