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Bringing Health & Happiness To Your Pets!

Having Realized That Most Dogs are Lactose Intolerant and Ingredients Like Sugar, Preservatives & Artificial Flavors End Up Harming Your Loving Furries. Waggy Zone wanted Them To Beat The Summer Heat by Giving Them Something That is Frozen & Delicious at The Same Time Safe For Them!

About Us

Indulge in Some Delicious Treats Without Feeling Guilty For Not Sharing It With Your Four Legged Baby!

Waggy Zone, Touted As India's First & Only Frozen Yogurt Ice Creams For Dogs, Will Treat Your Pet In A Healthy Way.

Our ignitor

When the GSD puppy entered the life of a Dog Fearing Darshankaur Khalsa, a Dog Loving Future Pet-preneur Darshankaur Khalsa was born.

Our Procedures

All our Doggy Products are tasted and approved by Tyra before hitting the shelf for other Furry babies.

healthy for your pets!!

Keeping Dogs Happy & Healthy

Letting your dogs enjoy Ice Creams made of Curd. Dogs love to hog on Waggy Zone Frozent Yogurts that help keeping doggies tummies calm.

With No Side Effects

Not made of Milk which is completely Safe for Dogs. Waggy Zone is a Human Grade Product, crafted with Pure Natural Ingredient & Zero Preservatives.


Delivering Doggy Palatibility

Available in 5 different Flavours Designed to suit The Likings and Palatability of different Dog Breeds.

With A Sustainable Shelf Life

Of 6 Months when Sealed and To be Consumed in 7 Days of opening.


Mango Yoghurt Ice Creams

Must have for rooms

Blueberry Yoghurt   Ice Cream

Keep things at one place easily

Carrot Yoghurt Ice Creams

Comfortable to Sit, Attractive to Look

Banana Yoghurt Ice Creams

Available at Unbelievable price


Just Arrived for the new Season


Just Arrived for the new Season


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Dogs Love Ice Creams

Our Furry Friends smell the Sweet Frozen Desert and are completely unable to control themselves from Hogging on to.

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Ice Creams Calms Doggy Stomachs

Dogs having a very Sensitive Digestion often tend to experience indigestion and Ice Creams help them calm their tummies.

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The Heat Demands Ice Creams

India overall is a hot & humid climate country and most Dogs, especially with Fur, need Ice Creams to Tackle the Heat.


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Vets recommend Vanilla Ice Cream

Due to the Doggy Love and Need of Ice Creams, Vets generally recommend Vanilla Ice Creams for Dogs.

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Dogs are lactose Intolerant

Dogs are not born for milk and naturally allergic to Milk. Neither are they friendly to Sugar or any Artificial Ingredients.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Vanilla is harmful for Dogs

Vanilla Ice Creams have huge amount of Sugar, Milk and Artificial Flavours which are harmful for Doggy Health.

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